Riddler costume, contruction

This Riddler costume ate my life for pretty much all of September. It was so involved, in fact, that I was only able to do one round of design drills and nary an Amazonia garment was draped before the Expo weekend. In spite of the underestimation of time that it would take to make it, I had a blast. Continue reading

Cardigan, Finished!

Day 2 is going to see this cardigan finished. And to help me do that, I’ve got some nifty wireless headphones!

I need to listen to something when I work or time seems to stretch forever and I have a heard time keeping pace. Just for fun, I’m going to add whatever album, podcast or playlist I was listening to for each project. Continue reading

Wardrobe Upgrade: Cardigan

The question I am asked most once people find out that I’m a seamstress is, “you must make a lot of clothes for yourself, right?” Unfortunately, no. I don’t typically make a lot of things for myself (time, money and weight change being my primary reasons). I can count on one hand the amount of pieces I’ve made for myself in the last five years. So while I was going through my collection of fabric recently, I kept coming across full yardages I’d purchased over the past few months, still in the shopping bag, most with an accompanying pattern. All told, I found ten projects that had the fabric, pattern and notions just sitting and waiting for me. Continue reading