Erin Benjamin

Designer, seamstress, Wonder Woman aficionado


Reflecting back, my current life path has culminated from several seemingly unrelated events spread throughout my teenage and college years. My grandmother helped me with my first sewing project when I was 14 – a bodice to wear at a local Renaissance Festival. In the same year I joined a community theatre group. I would stay with that group until I graduated high school.

At college, a group of friends invited me to group cosplay with them. At this point, I’d had no formal training in garment making. I spent that summer cannibalizing several Simplicity and McCall’s patterns together to make costumes for Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Temari from Naruto, and Rosie from Lord of the Rings. The convention was fun, but the process of building a concept into something real was indescribably amazing to me. It dawned on me that I would be happiest creating garments for the rest of my life. I signed up that year to minor in Fashion.

After graduating, I interned at Meadow Brook Theatre in Rochester, MI in the costume shop. I was asked back the next season to design for one of their shows. While it was an amazing experience, I realized I really wanted to make my own designs for ready-to-wear. This was the impetus for Scene Ripper.

S.R. represents the culmination of my passion for theatre, costume, pop-culture and garment making. It refuses to be bound by the strictures of runway trends. I know what I like. Hopefully you’ll like it too.

break your mold


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