Then I did some sewing

I feel like I’ve done more drawing than sewing in the past few weeks. Fortunately, I’ve had a commission or two come my way to break it up. Plus I finished one of my personal sewing projects. Nothing like adding to your closet!

A coworker came to me, asking for an infinity scarf with a monogram. The scarf is no big deal, but the monogram? I don’t have an embroidery machine, and I’m not especially prolific doing it by hand. Talking her through it, she liked the idea of a reverse applique. For those of you unfamiliar with the difference between an applique and a reverse applique, think of an applique as a patch. You place a patch on top of another piece of fabric and sew it down. With reverse applique, you put the patch underneath your fabric, then cut a shape from the fabric to expose the patch.

She provided me with the fabric she picked out (I love it when they do that) and the font style and letters for the monogram.

I cut out the pieces for the scarf, then found the middle for the monogram. The next step was to transfer the letters to cut the fabric away. Because she chose a jersey knit (the grey dots), I didn’t want to mess with transfer paper and find that the letters didn’t come out even. So I grabbed my Mark-B-Gone pen and sketch them out.

I made it a bit bigger to make sure it was visible when she wore it. I cut out the letters, and then pinned it to the applique fabric. Then, ever so carefully, I sewed.

 You might notice some darkened areas – it’s just the water I sprayed to make the marker go away. Here’s what it looks like in action.


She loved the finished product. She commissioned it as a birthday present for her mother-in-law, who’d recently experienced a loss in the family. It was a lovely feeling contributing to someone’s experience that’s had a rough go of it.

The second piece I worked on was a birthday present for a friend. She is also going through some heavy life stuff as well, so I wanted to make her something fun. I cheated and used a pattern, Simplicity 1896, for a tunic style blouse with a deep V-neck and empire waist. She’s a tall, skinny thing, so I knew she could work it. I’ve been saving some gorgeous red chiffon with a border of cream roses for the right project, and I new this was the one.

No progress photos since it was pretty straight forward to assemble. I opted for french seams so I didn’t have to bother with the serger. I’ll have to bug her for a photo of her wearing it.


Last, but not least, I finished a vest for myself. And I love it. I’ve wanted a tailored vest for so long, and not I have one. Admittedly, I cheated again and used another pattern, Simplicity 2556 this time. I have over 140 of them though, so I might as well use them, right?

I was going for a smoking jacket look, with the contrasting shawl collar. You can’t tell super well from the photo, but it’s double breasted as well.  So excited to have this piece in my collection now.

Totally in my work bathroom for this photo

(Also, that a Slytherin tie I’m wearing.)



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