I’m gonna do a cosplay, you guys!

I must be bonkers. I found out that the American Sewing Expo is holding a juried cosplay competition this year. This is the first year they’re incorporating cosplay into the Expo, which has got me geeked. No pun intended. The competition is being held the day after the Passion for Fashion runway show. That’s why I must be crazy. 

After a little bit of indecision, I’ve decided on doing a female version of The Riddler. I opted to not do a crossplay mostly because I came up with a super cool idea for a corset/vest combo . I can’t tell you how super excited I am to work on this. I’ve discussed before in a previous posts that I’ve been a bit too broke for the last few years, so I’ve been on a cosplay hiatus. I’m justifying this to myself because it will probably be worn three times in as many months – it’s exposure at the Expo (I do want to market myself as a geek inclined seamstress, after all), it’ll by my Halloween costume, and I’ll probably take it to Detroit Fanfare (if it’s still happening this year).

It was really fun seeing how the character’s look changed throughout the decades. There have been many interpretations of the look of The Riddler. Dending on how old you are, you are familiar with the green spandex bodysuit worn by either Frank Gorshin in the 60’s show or  Jim Carrey In Batman Forever. I’m a girl that likes to leaving things to the imagination, so that was a no. The further you go into comics history, Edward’s attire gets more swanky as he adopts three-piece green suits and a bowler. These are my favorite versions of him – what better look for the eternal know-it-all than a dapper gent? In resent history, Riddler’s look has gotten edgier, my favorite interpretations coming from Lee Bermejo and Carlos D’anda’s concept art from the Arkham City video game. Riddler comes off as a swanky, elegantly tailored street punk. I love that contrast.

Because I come from theatre background, I try to think of the character’s life, and how this outfit came to be and let those decisions influence the end result. In the case of Edward Nigma, his financial resources are not overwhelming. His costume would have been assembled from found garments or were specially made – I would guess by him, since he has knowledge of nearly everything anyway. None of the garments should match perfectly, since to cover his tracks, he would have purchased everything separately. Batman is the world’s greatest detective – it’d be kind of a bad move to buy a green suit/materials and purple accessories all from the same location. Adding to the DIY vibe, I definitely wanted to keep the street punk influence. When I got to sketching, this is what I came up with:

Boom baby!

So happy with this design 🙂

Keeping with the punk theme, some military trousers tucked into combat boots. I’m going to make these pants though – no army surplus for me.  I found a pair online that I liked the cut of, as well as the look of the pockets, that I’m taking inspiration from. The jacket is basic with a shawl collar, but I’ll have to alter the cut so it won’t look too big when I leave it unbuttoned.

The vest is what I’m really excited about. I found a layered vest  during my research that I instantly fell in love with. I’m taking that look and making a corset that has an outer layer that will go into a halter top strap.

I’ve already bought my fabric!

You can’t really tell in the photo above, but the dark green that I’m using for the jacket has a herringbone pattern.

You’ll notice in the sketch that there are question mark sleeve tattoos. I know you can’t tell, but I have no tattoos. As I have neither the money or pain tolerance to get said sleeve done, I have been exploring homemade temporary tattoo options. The most popular and cost effective include gel pens, tracing paper and water. I don’t know how well this is going to work out, but I’m going to try for it. I’ve got the time to test that at least.

Before I close this out, I wanted to make good on a promise. A few posts ago, I reviewed the fashion show that was held at this year’s San Diego Comic Convention. In it, I discussed my frustrations with the Loki inspired dress. And like the jerk that I am, I have the sketch of how I would have done it. Here it is.


Now I want to make it for myself.

Until next time …


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