Catching up to do

Hey all! So after a mild bought of depression, I’m back! Nothing super serious, but with all my submissions turned in and all of my deadlines completed, I was in a bit of a slump. There is always something to work on – but what should I work on? And without a clear goal in sight, what’s the point? Especially when TruTV has marathons of Worlds Dumbest on by the time I get home from work. Then I remembered that I have about ten different garments that I’ve wanted to make for myself forever. The fabric and patterns are ready to go, I just have to make the bloody things! You remember those … I shared an image of that hot mess in my second post.


Remember this? ……. at least it’s organized now.

And, oh yea, there’s that Passion for Fashion competition happening in about a month and a half at the American Sewing Expo. It might be prudent to start prepping myself for that. I received the schedule for that a few weeks ago, and wondered what I got myself into. Here’s a little breakdown of the schedule:

Thursday 6pm-8pm: Basically intro day. You meet everyone in the competition, your model and the mentor. Find out where your sitting (and hopefully get time to pad out your dress form to accommodate your model’s measurements).

Friday 8am-8pm: First thing in the morning, you find out what the theme/inspiration is (and I think last year they had a fake client that you were designing for). You have half an hour to some up with your concept. Then they unleash you out onto the Expo floor to buy your materials. And then get to work on fully patterning the outfit you’ve designed.

Saturday 8am-3pm: These seven hours are your last to work. Everything has to be good to go by 3pm to give the models time to get hair and makeup done. The fashion show is at 6pm.

Approximately 19 hours to design, buy materials, pattern and make a full outfit. Bonkers. Let me say this first: I have confidence in my ability as a garment maker. But this is a hell of a time crunch.

You know nothing of the crunch!

You know nothing of the crunch!

After having a mild panic attack about if I would be able to finish the task set before me, I came up with my own training montage. Throughout the week I will do some ‘designing drills,’ where I pick an idea (animal, movie, music, food, color, anything!!) and try to design a cohesive outfit in 1/2 an hour inspired by that.

I’m also going to finish all the sewing projects that I’ve had on hand. I can sewing quickly enough, but there’s nothing wrong being faster.

The final action point in my training regimen is I am going to drape and pattern all the remaining pieces of Amazonia. This is the same line that the Passion for Fashion submission piece came from. That’s right! I’m going to finally reveal illustrations for this line.

I’ll have a busy few weeks in front of me. As well I should.


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