Godzilla fashion illustrations

It has was 9 hours of painting, but I got them all done. I did decide to punish myself and colored the illustrations in gouache. All in all, the process was pretty smooth. I had forgotten that all the gouache that I had was left over from my Color Theory class in college. Because the goal of that class is to create an understanding of color (how to mix it, how it change when it interacts with other colors, etc), the professor allowed you use only red, white, blue, white and black – the primaries and values. Keep in mind that all the color in the illustrations below I had to mix. #humblebrag

Without further ado, here they are – live and in color!

1. Godzilla



If I were to make this, I’d want several layers of dip-dyed chiffon for the skirt. I’m torn on which material to make the torso out of. I was considering a textured leather (maybe ostrich), or a beaded, venise lace. Someone I’d shown this to had said it also looked like Godzilla emerging from the ocean. The reflective quality of the beading would look like water drops in that context.

2. King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah

King Ghidorah

A traditional corset, and a high-low skirt with train. Would love, love, love to do this with an embossed, gold lambskin, with a gold organdy as the contrast at the neck and between the spines. I think that skirt would be really fun to wear.

3. Mothra



Ideally, the top would be a hand painted rayon knit, and the skirt would be a coat-weight brown wool to hold the structure built into the hips. I think your average wearer would prefer the skirt to be a basic pencil skirt out of worsted wool or linen. I really want to make this outfit for myself. This is definitely the most casual looking of all the illustrations, so I feel like I could get away with wearing it at my office job.

4. Destoroyah



If I ever made this, I’d like to make the bolero (jacket) and the middle section of the dress out of a red lambskin leather, and the plated side-sections out of a stretch sateen suiting. This dress is well punk. I think this is the second one I’d make for myself.

Overall, I’m very happy with all of them. I feel that they all speak to the source material and embody the personality of the kaiju they represent. I really like how they all turned out, and I feel like anyone would have a blast wearing them. While I’ve already named the Mothra and Destoroyah looks as future projects for my wardrobe, the absolute favorite is the Godzilla. She embodies a self-assured inner strength and grace. I feel that dress on any woman would make her statuesque.

You may have noticed that there was no Rodan illustration. That is because after careful consideration, that look was cut (see also I’d been painting for 7 hours at that point, and I didn’t have another one in me).

The art for the ‘Godzilla vs The Phoenix Cafe’ is still up on the walls, and will be for a few months, as is fashion for most coffee houses that host local artists. If you’re interested in perusing , it’s in the Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park, MI.


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