Not dead yet ….

I can’t wait until my only job is Scene Ripper. Having a day job is for the birds. Totally eats 40 hours out of time I could be spent sewing. And actually updating the myriad of social media.

With full disclosure I’ll admit that I ran out of steam (and time) in order to finish the painting I wanted to submit for the Little Black Helicopters gallery show. Bummer too, because I really liked my idea. I came up with the idea when researching theories on the Lizard Illuminati.  If you’ve never heard of this, it next level bonkers. The idea is that people with power influence (politicians, celebrities, etc) are actually a race anthropomorphic lizards. Their whole reason for hiding in plain sight changes depending on which theorist is hypothesizing, but it is agreed upon that George W, Beyonce and the Queen of England are all of the Lizard Illuminati.

The idea I had came from the Sex Pistols album art from God Save the Queen, and adding the notion that Elizabeth II is actually a giant lizard.

This is how far I got with it. It was down to detail work, and I just didn’t have it in me for an all-nighter. One day I’ll finish it.

I’m definitely going to the gallery show though. The three pieces my fiancee submitted for consideration were accepted. For the opening, he asked me to design and pattern him a shirt. I’ve been telling him for years that I would draft up some slopers, and I still haven’t. So this weekend, I cracked open my patterndrafting books, and started on some slopers for he and I.

Before I stared this little project, I knew it was going to be an interesting process. He and I are not conventionally shaped people. That is to say we do not possess average dimensions. (But who does?) I have a 13″ difference between my waist and hips, and the shortest torso ever (my ribs end only a couple inches under my bust). And he is not one of the super svelte, tiny boymen that the industry gets to model menswear. That in mind, I was kind of blown away at how much I had to adjust the slopers after they were drafted.

My weirdo slopers

My weirdo slopers

These don’t look that weird until you see these:


I guess these shouldn’t surprise me that much, but after patterning for sizes 6 – 8 through all of my fashion classes, it’s crazy to see these kinds of proportions on paper.

I’m still working on his. This is my second go at drafting for menswear, so I’m taking my time.

making progress...

making progress…

June is already proving to be a crazy busy month for me. In the next few weeks, I need to finish patterning his shirt and have it made in time for the opening (6/19); start and finish a line of croquis as a submission piece for a Godzilla themed art show (6/22); and drape, pattern and make an original ensemble from my Amazonia line as another submission piece for the ‘Passion for Fashion Sewing Challenge’ held at the upcoming American Sewing Expo (6/29). And then there are other projects looming on the other side of July.

I do feel lucky that I am this busy, it would just be easier if I didn’t have to go to work during the day.

Listening to: “Beneath the Skin” by Collide, and “Mer De Noms” by A Perfect Circle

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