Finishing moves & Good news!

Before I get back into talking about sewing and projects and such, I have to give a shout out to an amazing local Michigan business, Brazen Cosmetics in Ferndale. Amazing products, and the proprietor, Sandria, is absolutely lovely. My mother and I visited the shop while she was in town, and had a fantastic experience. Sandria spent time talking to us both, discussing the complaints we had about our skin and recommending (emphasis on not hard sell) which products would be best. The other great thing is that all her cosmetics are made with natural ingredients. No formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Even if you’re not in Michigan, I highly recommend checking out the site. Cannot recommend Brazen enough.

Back to sewing and projects and such.

This was definitely a ‘prep work’ heavy project. I had altered the sleeve on the jacket, and the collar on the blouse. I was a little nervous about the collar, so I cut and draped a test one. Pretty happy, turned out well on the first go.

How much more fun would this have been if I did it all in plaid for real?

How much more fun would this have been if I did it all in plaid for real?

Happily enough, there were only two problem solving moments during the process. The first was I knew I wanted another little detail on the blouse. I wanted to have lace along the edge on the collar and cuff, but had a feeling that I wasn’t going to find or be able to dye lace the right color as the pale grey crepe. I decided to cut strips of crepe on the bias to gather and sew into the edge. Fun fact: fabric doesn’t fray if cut on the true bias.

The other problem I had was I wanted charmeuse with a royal blue baroque style pattern for the lining. Apparently that is not en vogue, because I could not find anything. So frustrating. I was definitely not going to compromise on the pattern and color, so I started looking at quilting calico and found this:

so gorgeous

This is so stunning in person

I have about a yard left over, and I am too excited to use it on something for me.

The sewing process was pretty straight forward. All three garments came together pretty easily. Once everything was together, I opted for two finishing details to make everything pop. I added a velveteen ribbon to the outseam of the trousers. I feel it pulled the jacket and trousers together quite nicely.

The pants look purple, but trust me. They're blue.

The pants look purple, but trust me. They’re blue.

The other finishing move was I decided to emboss the velveteen. I’ll be honest, I was pretty terrified. I’d never personally done it, but I had been introduced to the process when I interned at Meadow Brook Theatre. It’s a pretty permanent, so you can understand my fears. But I think it came out pretty well. I embossed around the collar edge and the cuffs. It breaks up the expanse of the plain black velveteen.

Detail of the embossing

Detail of the embossing

I wish I had taken a photo of the before and after, but it was full steam ahead to meet the May 1st deadline. My schedule for about two weeks was up at 5am, off to my day job, and then working until 11:30pm/midnight. I was a little burnt out. Here’s the finished look. Let me know what you think in the comments section!

Fully realized

Fully realized

Fancy cuff

Fancy cuff



This was all totally worth it though. I just found out that my submission was accepted for the semi-finals!! I am beyond geeked you guys. There is nothing better than having your hard work acknowledged. It is kind of funny because I feel like my newly found direction for Scene Ripper has come full circle. Calling back to my intro post, I cited the American Sewing Expo as what rekindled my passion for sewing and patternmaking, and as a bonus of being a semi-finalist, my outfit will be shown at the upcoming Sewing Expo.

This was a hell of a way to end a week. And start a weekend. More on Sunday, me thinks.


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