Hard to keep up

Oh my gosh, you guys! I  have dropped the ball. So I finished the military shirt over the weekend. Why no post until now? Everything went into super go mode by the end of last week. The deadline for the Party Like a Rock Star competition is looming, and with Easter my timetable was getting crunched. Not to mention that my mother is coming to visit this weekend – a very welcome visit to be sure. But again, my timetable is condensed even more. So I am up a 5 a.m. to serge my PLARS pattern pieces and to post something about this last week before I have to go to work.

Like I said, I finished the shirt. I think it turned out great. No buttons in the photo below, but I’ll post a photo of it when I wear it this weekend. I’ll probably do a follow up post with some more process photos as well.

No buttons, and I swear it looks better on me than on the dress form

No buttons, and I swear it looks better on me than on the dress form

Because of the crazy crunch time, all I can post about the Party Like a Rock Star project is the sketch I did to plan out any pattern modifications and see the overall look I was going for.


Again, I’m so sorry for the quick and dirty post that this is – especially considering that the last time I posted was a week ago. Boo me. On a positive note, you can look forward to pretty regular post after May 1. The silk I ordered for some products I’ m making for the upcoming Bar Show arrived yesterday from Dharma Trading Co. It is gorgeous. So there will be retroactive posts about the PLARS competition, as well as getting ready for the bar show.

Hang tight! I haven’t forgotten about you.

Oh! And one last thing: the winner of the ‘name that movie’ contest was Cynthia, from Upstate NY. Congrats Cynthia! She won 15% off her next total purchase at the Scene Ripper Store. I really enjoyed doing this contest. I’ll have to do another soon!


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