Project: military shirt

Hello again everyone! Changing topics from sewing and projects for a minute … anyone else feeling the effects of the duel eclipses? If you haven’t heard April 15th marks the first of two eclipses to happen within two weeks. The next, which will be a solar eclipse, is on April 30th. Even if you don’t buy into astrology and New Age stuff, you can’t deny that the gravitational changes are going to have an interesting effect. And as I am someone who buys into astrology, I am awaiting the wave of promised change that this lunar eclipse has heralded. If you’re curious as to what the next two weeks may have in store for you, I recommend Susan Miller’s insight featured on Refinery 29.

Have I lost any of you yet? 😉

So now that my cardigan is finished, on to my next project. I chose a shirt to work on next, because I’m feeling increasingly bored with my day job wardrobe. The pattern I’m using is Simplicity 1941, a fitted, button-down shirt pattern with sleeve and ruffle embellishment options. One of the views had a military feel to me (view B), with 3/4 rolled sleeves (I did grow up in a post-grunge 1990s. I remember wearing camo pants converted into a skirt a lot to high school). With that in mind, I bought drab green lightweight poly suiting. Not typically something I’d choose for a shirt, but I wanted to get the visual texture you’d expect from the wool of an officer’s jacket. I also snagged some brass buttons to complete the military feel.

Pattern, fabric & buttons


So I’ve got my pattern pieces separated out and ready to cut. Something I have to do anytime I make a fitted top is extend the hip area outward. Truth be told, there’s a two size difference between my waist and my hips. Before I cut, I draw a line with my hip curve ruler and extend the cut line from the waist to the hip.

Mama's got big hips ...

Mama’s got big hips …

All of my pieces are cut and ready for serging. Saving that for tomorrow though.

OH! One more thing before I turn in. If you’re not familiar with the Independent Pattern Company Alliance, they are a group of garment pattern companies that have banded together to promote their industry. I was first introduced to them at the American Sewing Expo this past September. If you’re near Southeastern Michigan and have an interest in sewing, I highly recommend going to this Expo. It was a total game changer for me, and is such a cool experience. Anyway, the IPCA is holding a competition called ‘Party Like a Rock Star.’ Basic idea is you purchase patterns from one the Alliance members and construct an outfit that embodies the title of the contest. I bought my patterns today and am eagerly anticipating their arrival! The deadline to turn in photos of the finished work is May 1 – I am ever a procrastinator. Just a heads up, you will probably be seeing a lot of posts about my progress on this competition in the coming weeks.

So what am I going to do? Admittedly, I had a very hard time choosing a direction. I was psyching myself out because I had to use a pattern that I didn’t make. But I started thinking about what ‘partying like a rock star’ meant to me. Being a rock star means having swagger, charisma and being simultaneously anachronistic and completely at ease with your surroundings. With that in mind, I also took some inspiration from a favorite movie of mine. I’m not going to tell you the inspiration right away, but I will give you a hint. And if you are the first one to guess the movie from the below still, you will get a code for 15% off at the Scene Ripper Storenvy!! Leave your guess in the comments. I will contact the winner by email.

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