Switching gears

Good evening on a lovely Friday! Weather finally turning towards spring. So off I go into the basement to work 😐

I’m participating in a Bar Show in mid May, and I’ve got to start getting stock ready to sell. Real quick for those of you unfamiliar with Bar Shows, it’s when a small group of artists get together and sell their wares out of a bar. Awesome idea as libations typically loosen purse strings, and it’s a fun, casual way to hang out with fellow artists and (hopefully) make a little cash. While ultimately I do want to make clothes and garment patterns, it’s kind of difficult to do a measurement session in a bar. So, in order to get Scene Ripper out there, I going to be selling some jewelry and accessories. I’ll post pics as stock replenishes. Tonight I’m finishing up some necklaces that are inspired by silhouette jewelry, made popular in the 19th century. Here’s an example: What’s different about mine is that the silhouettes are derived from Gothic interests. I’ve got a Cthulhu, a vampire, wolf, raven and cat. Here are a few of my favorites:

Vampire, Cthulhu, Kitten

Vampire, Cthulhu, Kitten

I was going to hold back from posting them on Storenvy, but I was too jazzed about them. They are up and available for purchase starting today! Better hurry, I’m pulling the items off on May 12. You can find them in the Sinister Silhouettes Collection.

Project music: ‘Ghosts’ by Nine Inch Nails

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