Cardigan, Finished!

Day 2 is going to see this cardigan finished. And to help me do that, I’ve got some nifty wireless headphones!

I need to listen to something when I work or time seems to stretch forever and I have a heard time keeping pace. Just for fun, I’m going to add whatever album, podcast or playlist I was listening to for each project.

You’ll remember from the last post, I’ve got the core of it assembled. Now I’ll add the bottom half, as well as the continuous collar. This is what it looks like with all of the pieces together:

Cardigan Assemble!

Cardigan Assemble!

I’m sure you’re noticing the extra fabric around the collar. The original that this is based off of is a knit with finished edges. I cut double the width of the original collar piece so I would have enough to fold in the inside of the garment and secure to the seam. Much like the waistband of a pair of pants.

But there is still a lot of bulk at the nape of the neck. So I ran a gather stitch along the center back seam to take in some of that bulk.

collar detail

Almost done! All that’s left is the hem along the bottom edge and cuffs, and the secure the collar to the inside of the garment. And here it is:

My brand new cardigan!!

My brand new cardigan

I swear I'm not angry - I just couldn't take a good photo while smiling

I swear I’m not angry – I just couldn’t take a good photo while smiling

Project Music: How Did This Get Made? Podcast: Anaconda


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